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Money Making

Making money is something everyone wishes they could do. What not everyone realises is that it’s perfectly possible for them to do it. The reason they don’t understand this is because they’re so fixated on what works for “everyone else” that they don’t think about what will work for them. Here’s a truth that people seem to have such a hard time grasping; you are not everyone else. What works for your family and friends may not work for you.


Of course the most obvious way to make money is to get a job. But not everyone can get a job and some people just aren’t cut out for the working world. They try and they try but they can’t hold a job, or they can’t even get hired in the first place. So what about those people? What are they supposed to?

Ordinarily people who have trouble finding work have trouble making it in life in general. You can’t live without money after all. While it’s true that money can’t buy happiness, not having money certainly buys you a nice depression and stops you living and enjoying life. So what are some creative tips for making money when you’re out of work and out of luck?


Flipping A Product

Flipping a product is when you find something cheap and sell it for more than you bought it for. There are plenty of people who spend their times at thrift stores and garage sales looking for things they know will sell. Thanks to smartphones and apps you can look up the cost of something before you buy it and grab the cheapest bargains possible. Some may find flipping products unscrupulous but if it doesn’t bother you then you stand to make a small sum.


Some people even take flipping to the extreme and go so far as to flip houses. That’s something you can consider if you already have a lot of money and have the skills to renovate a house. Houses that are damaged will always sell for less. If you can fix it up, you can sell it for way more than you bought it.



Be Artistic!

Do you have an artistic passion? Perhaps you love to take photographs or draw pictures. Maybe you’re quite skilled with your hands and love arts and crafts? If you do then there are plenty of places online where you can sell these skills and items. People are looking for graphics designers all the time. People are also looking for just the right photograph to suit them, and that perfect handmade gift. With all the ways to be artistic and make money from it you can turn a passion into a business easier than ever.


Start A Business

With the lack of jobs in the market today more people are turning to self-employment and taking their skills on their own. All you need to get started with your own business is an understanding of just what it is that you can do. Even if you think there isn’t much you can do, there’s bound to be something. Can you drive a van? Then you can start a removals or home moving business. You can buy a cheap van to get started and put up some ads and away you go. It takes time to get started but a year from now you’ll be glad you did, rather than wishing you started a year ago.

Do Odd Jobs

It’s also easier than ever to find odd jobs you can do either around your town for your friends and neighbours, or even online for the world at large. There are so many places for you to sell your skills that the only person stopping you at this point is you. Can you write? Can you draw? Can you fill in forms? There are lots of things you can do and lots of people and places that will pay you to do them.


Making money is an important step in the journey of self-improvement. If you aren’t making money then you won’t have much self-worth. You’ll believe bad things about yourself and not see the good. So think about the ways you can make money and then get up and do it!

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